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Praxis Pilates 30 Day Challenges

  • 25 Reformer Pilates Classes to use over 30 days

  • Pre and Post challenge measures to track your results

  • Specialised 30 day timetable to make sure every muscle group is targeted and you never do the same workout twice

  • Total body workout = total body transformation

  • Expert instructors to challenge you to achieve your best and ensure you are always exercising with correct technique

  • Perfect for all ages and all fitness levels, even athletes!

  • New clients welcome

  • ONLY $250!!

Reformer Pilates Teneriffe Carseldine 30 Day Challenge

"I really enjoyed the challenge as it definitely made me focus more on my technique. I was truly amazed at how much my strength improved by doing regular pilates. It has the best my body has felt in such a long time."

- Maureen B - Previous 30 Day Challenge Winner 

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