Angus Walton


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)

Member Australia Physiotherapy Association (MAPA)

Angus graduated from The University of Queensland in 2020 with a strong interest in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. In his spare time and throughout his studies, Angus likes to remain active in the gym, the pool or on the running track, providing him a very holistic foundation for exercise prescription and load management.


As an undergrad Angus worked with athletes in both community and state level sport, namely the Division 1 men’s teams for both the New Farm United Soccer Club and the Wilston Grange Australian Football Club. As a postgrad, Angus set his sights to a national level, having worked as a physiotherapist for the Queensland Reds Youth 7’s teams, the Queensland Reds 7’s Division 1 men’s team, as well as currently being employed as a physiotherapist and sports trainer with the Aspley Hornets Australian Football Club for their Division 1 men’s VFL team. 

Angus has strong clinical reasoning and evidence-based knowledge of his craft, allowing him to provide a high level of care for every client. Angus brings his experience and insight from elite sport into his everyday work by creating a thorough, rehab-focused experience for his clientele. In addition to his work in sport as a young physio, Angus has over 10 years of personal experience in soccer, swimming and rugby union. With a plethora of sporting involvement as both an athlete and a medic, Angus has first-hand experience with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, and therefore an excellent understanding of the physical and psychological processes that are involved in the rehabilitation of his clients. 


Sport and musculoskeletal physiotherapy aside, Angus also maintains a vested interest in occupational rehabilitation. He has a passion for the management of workplace injuries, return to work and workplace ergonomics, ensuring that patients who return to work – stay at work!