Clinical Pilates Sessions - What's the difference?

Clinical Pilates is used by our physiotherapists to help treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, ranging from low back pain, pre- and post joint replacement, osteoarthritis, sporting injuries and chronic pain.


It is a system of safe and effective exercises which are designed to target your individual needs. Clinical pilates sessions are an excellent way to individualise and personalise your rehabilitation experience under the expert eyes of our trained physiotherapists.


Sessions range from one on one to group classes with a maximum of 5 people per session. Private health rebates are available for these classes.

An initial assessment with your physiotherapist is required for this option, though your therapist may choose this path as a part of your rehabilitation plan (and thus an additional initial session isn't required).


The initial session essentially is a physiotherapy initial assessment with an introduction to the reformers as well as some preliminary baseline exercise required in your condition. 

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