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Praxis What You Preach - We are Blogging!

Hi Praxis Preachers! As many of you are aware - we are unreservedly physio geeks! We love keeping up to date on all the new developments in rehabilitation, sporting injuries, clinical research, manual therapy techniques as well as reformer pilates and massage.

Our physio's spend every Wednesday morning catching up and going over case studies, webcasts, recently published articles as well as fine tuning their manual therapy skills with each other. We are always endeavouring to improve ourselves, an in turn, our patient outcomes.

We are all so fortunate to be involved with several sporting teams around Brisbane. Our teams include the Aspley Hornets AFL club from the representative NEAFL team all the way down to the juniors, the Cougars Netball team as well as the Bayside Ravens Gridiron team.

From time to time our therapists are selected for representative duties for state and national high performance sporting squads. Whilst this means they are away from clinic from time to time, it also means that they are exposed the 'coal face' of elite sport and as such, further ensure our standards are set very high!

As many of you also know, we have introduced remedial massage and reformer pilates to our rehabilitation armoury. Updates will be provided on all things specials and research in this space too!

It is fair to say - there are always exciting things happening at Praxis! So whilst you may not be a physio geek like us, this blog is designed to keep anyone and everyone in the loop. Stay tuned adn remember to Prevent. Prepare. Perform...

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