Lower Back Pain

Sharp catch of pain? Ongoing aches? Trouble getting out of bed or with long car rides? Stiff and sore? Referred pain into you legs? If you've experienced any of these symptoms recently you are not alone. Up to 80% of us will experience various types of lower back pain in our lives and these are all common symptoms. These aches and pains are usually a sign that certain levels of your spine are not tolerating load and you likely need intervention from one of our physios to look at the reasons why. It could be anything from a subtle change in muscle balance and biomechanics, altered postures or increases in training intensity. Either way our highly trained Praxis physiotherapists have expertise in this area and will help identify the problem and work with you so that you will feel empowered to fix the problem. At Praxis Physio this is our point of difference, we promise to take the time to fix you using a range of modalities including advice, hands on manual therapies and of course strength and conditioning programming. No need to accept back pain as 'normal' call us now on (07) 3102 3337 or book online to have one of our physios get you back on track before your pain becomes any worse.

Team Praxis,


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